Earnestly Sewn

miniature rhino!

It’s Labor Day; it’s your gazillionth wedding of the summer. And even though you feel like a professional guest, pinpointing the right gift still feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.

It’s time to get crafty with tiny embroidery art pieces from Miniature Rhino.

A stitch in time led Brooklyner and MFA design grad Jessica Marquez to fall in love with the retro handicraft. Her inspirations (tree carvings, cabinets of curiosity, the Victorian era) are turned into meticulously crafted mementos customized as you please.

A sample of her samplers (pulled tight in miniature embroidery hoops): constellations (request your astrological fave), miniature hearts, tree stumps, forget-me-nots, bees, amoebas.

And sew on.

Available online at jessica-marquez.com.