The Leather Forecast

brigid catiis!

You can have too much of a thing. Like sunshine. Or fiber. Or The Zoe Report.

But even Rachel would approve of Brigid Catiis’s new fall collection, which uses just a smattering of leather in all the right places.

Designer Raissa Gerona puts a mod stamp on edgy ’80s fashion. The pieces come in black, gray, or a whimsical tie-dye print. And all have playful leather accents: running down the sides of a miniskirt, detailing the front of a tent dress, adorning the pocket of a tank top. Other retro nods include a racer-back vest and cropped tuxedo jacket.

More awesomeness: Brigid Catiis is 100 percent green, using recycled, reclaimed, or sustainable fabric (even the leather is vintage).

The stylized collection is trendy without being over-the-top.

We die.

Available at Big Drop,
at the Gansevoort South, 2321 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach (305-532-8800). To see styles, go to brigidcatiis.com.

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2321 Collins Ave
in the Gansevoort South
Miami Beach, FL 33139