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Southern Comfort

cooking with rob!

You don’t know much about cooking with gravy.

But there ain’t nothing like a Southern gentleman in your kitchen.

Chef Robert Newton was born in Arkansas, lived in Mississippi, and worked in NYC’s best kitchens (Le Cirque, Tabla, Aquavit). He’s worked as a private chef — and he’ll give cooking lessons to lil’ ole you.

He’ll consult on a menu to your (mushroom tart, lobster risotto, bourbon pork and biscuits) taste. You’ll hit the market, then go home and cook. He brings the knives and improvises with whatever you have.

Do it solo or invite up to six friends. Classes take about three hours (longer if you go to the Greenmarket). When Newton leaves, dinner will be ready and the kitchen tidy.

His restaurant, Seersucker, a modern take on classic Southern fare, will open soon. So you’ll want to get him while the gettin’s good.

Because frankly, dear, you do give a damn.

Robert Newton (robertnewtonfood.com). For a taste of his work, check out the Vietnamese vegetable curry recipe he gave us.