Suwhatcha Want?

suwha jackets!

You may be caught in the daily grind (coffee, think outside the box, lunch, strategize touch points, cigarette, circle back on deliverables). But it set Suwha Hong free.

The globe-trotting Korean designer took a path less traveled to find her calling. After representing faceless corporations as a New York lawyer, she followed her right brain to Central Saint Martins and launched an all-business line of smart jackets and coats.

The fall collection celebrates proper English outerwear punctuated with playful details like big buttons and geometric-print linings. A fitted Aurelia camel jacket with stitched leather belts makes a fine first impression. Or wrap it up in the navy Viola trench. Trade in your staid black wool coat for Beatrice, a double-breasted, three-quarter-length style in blue.

It’ll make a fine asset for your exit strategy.

Available online at suwha.com. Hurry! Enter 110408 at online checkout for a 20 percent discount on today’s purchases.

Photo: Courtesy of Suwha