Confessions of Love

julene harrison!
Photos: Courtesy of Made by Julene

Darling Dearest,

Everything you’ve heard is true. The wandering eyes, secret rendezvous, incessant phone calls. It’s been this way since our engagement. Forgive your little doe, mon amour! She aches with the desire to do wedding research.

If one were to draw a picture of our hunk of burning love, it would look nearly identical to this bespoke paper poster, cut (with a scalpel) by the fastidious hand of Julene Harrison.

rebecca thuss!If you were near, it would be hard not to wrap you up like a welcome package from NYC crafter-to-the-nth-degree Rebecca Thuss. With her, as with you, the possibilities for excitement are endless. Your fawning fiance is short of breath just thinking about it. But with each deep inhale, the scent of perfect flower bouquets from Nicolette Camille becomes clearer.

temperley!The moment you uttered the words “Temperley does bridal design,” an image of your lips (not to mention vintage silhouettes, cascading ruffles, and chic beading) seared in my mind. Or do you picture your bride in something lighter and more ethereal from Caroline Seikaly?

darling!And how deep is your love of Brooklyn’s Butter by Nadia bridesmaid collection and these linen strapless dresses from new local line Darling (Plum, 124 Ludlow Street; 212-529-1030)? They are available in a variety of colors and fabrics — which the bridal party will no doubt be thrilled to hear about.

worth & worth!In the meantime, do set up an appointment to order a handcrafted hat for yourself (Worth & Worth, 45 West 57th Street; 212-265-2887). The groomsmen will have a right merry West party with flasks and clever flask safes from Pomme Frites.

punam bean!Let me beseech to you abandon any ideas about typical wedding portraits. The adorable photographer Punam Bean will capture each tender, hilarious, charming moment of the big day on film — in a natural way, with natural poses, in natural light. (Though one gets the sense that she would make even a most drab occasion look like a fine art masterpiece.)

abe & arthur's!The night before we unite, let’s rehearse our lines on the balcony of Abe & Arthur’s, soaking in the view of the newly opened restaurant below, the taste of pinot, and the heat of passion. Let me be the Bergman to your Bogart amidst the masculine, elegant decor, as our loved ones feast on Franklin Becker’s renderings of American favorites.

Let’s take up our friends’ offer to make homemade baked goods, which they can present in divine laser-cut cupcake holders. We’ll put them up at the Standard, Ace, or Jane hotels. And then we’ll stage our escape home.

After which I will lavish upon you a zillion kisses, burning as the equatorial sun.

Want more steamy prose? Read between the Wedding Guide lines. Then book two tickets to paradise.

Photos: Courtesy of Made by Julene; Courtesy of Rebecca Thuss; Courtesy of Temperley; Courtesy of Darling; Courtesy of Worth & Worth; Courtesy of Punam Bean; Courtesy of Abe & Arthur’s

409 W 14th St
bt 9th & 10th Aves
New York, NY 10011
45 W 57th St
bt 5th & 6th Aves, 6th flr
New York, NY 10019
124 Ludlow St
bt Rivington & Delancey Sts
New York, NY 10002