The Age of Reasons

clare and the reasons!
Photos: Courtesy of Frogstand Records

Fellow citizens:

As one who has always strenuously supported the rights of every man and woman to express his or her own unique opinions, please hear out this amendment.

Henceforth, noogies to the man who contests the greatness of local band Clare and the Reasons. For the new album, Arrow, is a true work of brilliance.

Consider, for a moment, “You Got Time,” a touching song about grace, forgiveness, and perseverance. Consider the intricate instrumentation by members of The National and Beirut. Consider, if you will, the emotive whistling solo in “Ooh You Hurt Me So.” Or the surprisingly delicate cover of “That’s All” by Genesis.

On all other matters, this philosopher stands by his earlier proclamation. But really. It’s an infallible record.

Let’s be reasonable.

Available online tomorrow at amazon.com. Clare and the Reasons play live on WFMU at 3 p.m. today and at the Mercury Lounge tomorrow. To hear tracks, go to myspace.com/clareandthereasons.

Photo: Courtesy of Frog Stand Records

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