String Theory

Photos: Courtesy of Shadowplay

You totally sat out of frog dissection day. And the egg-in-the-bottle test? You were not impressed. The only chemistry you cared about in high school involved dark chocolate and an eighth of mushrooms.

But designer Heather Goldberg, a Band of Outsiders and Threeasfour grad, examined planetary space, oceanic aragonite, and crystal formations like an A+ student for her Shadowplay necklaces.

Organic and naturally dyed yarns are combined with fair trade silver closures made by the Karen Village Hill Tribe in Northern Thailand. Crystals in hues of pewter, rose, and ambergris are worked into the ways of the weave.

The conclusion? A new line of knitted, amorphous pieces that highlight movement and light.

Now, if only she could solve that little problem of gravity.

Available by e-mail order (orders@shadowplaycollection.com).
To see styles, go shadowplaycollection.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Shadowplay