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susan woo!
Photos: Courtesy of Susan Woo

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Etsy crawl for a special bulletin from the Council of Greener-Than-Thouness.

Citizens need not, we repeat, not resort to repurposed felt purses or undies knit from unrecyclable plastic bags.

This emergency situation is in the capable hands of Susan Woo. Vetted by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Derek Lam, she’s produced a debut collection that’s sleek, sophisticated, and has nary a nubbly hemp fabric in sight.

Note the impeccably cut blazer, modernist coats with ingenious zips, dresses that flash strips of skin, and the sexy silk organza panels in a body-con dress. Only natural and sustainable fabrics are used (like organic wool and vegan silk), and everything is made in NYC using fair labor practices.

Woo, with her unharmed silkworms and energy-efficient office, may turn the tide of taste toward greener pastures.

She’s crafty, this one.

Available at Kaight, 83 Orchard Street, between Broome and Grand Streets (212-680-5630). To see styles, go to susanwoonyc.com.

Photo: Geordie Wood / Courtesy of Susan Woo

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