Pirate's Beauty

Pretty is as pretty looks.

rococo gold leaf polish!

Feeling Gilty
Glitter is festive, but this Rococo nail lacquer’s downright fancy ($33). It’s flecked with real gold leaf, which looks glitzy rather than chintzy (to order, call 212-941-4200).


Out Damned Spot
You do a mean triple klutz. Give thanks for tiny Supergel, which erases any stain — from cranberry sauce on your ear to gravy on your pants ($7).

bow clips!

Bow’ed Over
Nothing’s better than presents. But mini metal bow hairpins are nice, too (2 for $45). Look to them for strength during extended family visits — they’re uncrushable.

shigenobu twilight!Multifaceted
Shigenobu Twilight, a woodsy, pepper-flecked perfume, is made in NYC and comes in a hand-cut cedar bottle ($160). To order, call or e-mail Project No. 8.
edward bess lipstick!

Lip Service
Pouty mouths agree: Edward Bess’s Ultra Slick lipsticks party-perfect reds never dry out ($29). Available at Bergdorf Goodman (212-872-8826).

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