The Princess and Ce Ce

ce ce chin shoes!
Photos: Jayme Thornton / Courtesy of Ce Ce Chin

Last we saw our heroine, she was laying the smack down in style. She’s since lost her faith in happy endings; still, she wouldn’t mind wearing a glass slipper.

Suddenly: poof. Through a cloud of glitter dust, Ce Ce Chin, creator of 80%20, makes her eponymous spring shoe collection appear.

“Here’s the story,” Chin says. “Coco Chanel meets Pretty in Pink-era Molly Ringwald for cocktails. A waiter takes a tumble; martinis fly through the air; jewels scatter.”

Chin, inspired by cut-crystal perfume bottles, conjures a lace pump with oversized pearls and baubles speared on the heel like olives. Next, a satin oxford with faceted bijule heel.

“Precious, but not too,” our heroine muses. “Those heels could take someone’s eye out.”

And she went on to live realistically ever after.

Ring-of-Gems heel available at Anthropologie ($168). Full line in February at Tani, 131 West 72nd Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues (212-595-1338 or tanishoes.com). For more information, go to cecechincollection.com. To see styles, go to our photo gallery.

Photo: Jayme Thornton / Courtesy of Ce Ce Chin

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131 W 72 St
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