Now and Laters

Don’t despair: You can still check off those boxes on your list. Give a token gift now, an experience one for later.

museum of the city of new york! Members Only
NYC buffs will love a one-year membership to the (underrated) Museum of the City of New York ($50). Announce the gift with a kitschy I heart NYC memento.
jo’s suckling pig! Go Whole Hog
Cross twelve birds off your list with one porker: Jo’s offers a five-course feast ($60 per person) featuring a slow-roasted suckling pig. Dole out Slim Jims as a teaser.
brooklyn kitchen & meat hook!

Now You’re Cooking
Give budding Colicchios a gift certificate ($25-$100) they can use for classes at The Brooklyn Kitchen and the new Meat Hook butcher shop. Tie a bow around a wooden spoon for now.

seventh generation stories! All in the Family
NYC local Alli Joseph chronicles special events and family history via custom videos, books, etc. (prices vary). Give the giftee a vintage snapshot-turned-card.
tuthilltown whiskey! Barrels of Fun
For the lush of your life, sponsor a barrel of Tuthilltown whiskey aged in Gardiner, New York ($36.90 per bottle, $76 barrel deposit). Put an ice cube tray under the tree.

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