Freedom of Sweets

sweetest things!

You’ve rallied around your local community board, waited in sample sale lines for hours, and stalemated even the snottiest of bartenders (“Give me alcohol or give me death,” you cried).

Clearly you believe in the pursuit of liberty.

So don’t forget to exercise your civic right as a DailyCandy reader by voting for New York’s Sweetest Things 2009 nominees.

In fashion, the contenders are Max Osterweis, Suno; Jeffrey Monteiro, Jeffrey Monteiro; and Caycee Black, Caycee Black.

In food: Tasha Garcia Gibson and Julie Taras Wallach, Tipsy Parson; Caroline Fidanza, Elizabeth Schula, and Rebecca Collerton, Saltie; and Andrew Carmellini, Locanda Verde.

And for fun: Robert Christian Malmberg, Robert Christian Malmberg’s Collodion Portrait Studio; Clare and the Reasons, Arrow; and Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti, Partners & Spade.

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And give it your John Hancock.