High Resolutions

Already broken your 2010 to-dos? Get inspired by our editors’ list.

helium eternal decorative ballloons!

New Heights
Decorate your abode (photo editor Nicola’s desire) with French artist Clementine Henrion’s whimsical Helium Eternal “balloons” ($265 and up at CITE) that never deflate.

happy socks!Rock ’Em, Sock ’Em
Editor Tiffany wants to wear matching socks more often. These Happy Socks ($10 at Gargyle) are as quirky as any mismatched ones, and will look great with open-toe booties.
retro timex watches!Time After Time
L.A. editor Crystal has taken a vow of punctuality. These colorful retro Timex watches ($50) will help combat her lateness — and achieve that coveted Blossom style.
plane jane creature pot!Grow a Pair
“I want to not kill everything I touch,” says editor Erin. We can’t turn a black thumb green, but Plane Jane creature pots ($55-80), handmade in NYC, may encourage more care.
animal nodders!Hell, Yes
Associate editor Lauren wants to end her nay-saying with the naughts. These German animal nodders ($9, at new-to-Red Hook RedLipstick) will remind her to be positive.

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