Fleurting with Disaster

tiny park!
Photos: Courtesy of Tiny Park

Sometimes conversation hearts and drexting just won’t cut it. And saying it with flowers usually spells 1-800-BORING.

Tell someone she’s tops by having a custom potted plant delivered to her door, courtesy of Ria Browne’s new Brooklyn Heights-based business Tiny Park.

Japanese bird’s nest ferns, shooting star hydrangeas, mini orchids, and other poetic-sounding poesies are potted in lovely canisters — like silver mint julep cups — and bestowed upon your beloved.

Browne’s blooms are less expensive (prices start at $30) and last much longer than dubiously sourced mail-order roses. And instead of impersonal typed notes, Browne offers elegant enclosure cards designed by local printing studios Sesame Letterpress and Foxy & Winston — at no extra cost.

Because anything else would be kinda FTD’d up.

Tiny Park Flower Delivery (917-623-0950 or tinyparkflowers@gmail.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Park