Flat-Out Success

Photos: Courtesy of Mymu

Try as you might, you’re never going to be as cool (or as famous) as the girl from Ipanema.

But with Gabriela Lanardonne’s help, you can get close. Her new line of stylish alpargatas launches today.

Lanardonne became enamored with the white-soled shoes worn by the stylish locals in Buenos Aires (where she wintered as a child) and decided to bring them stateside. Research proved she would need to up the quality, so she sourced high-end jute from Spain, cut them slimmer, and chose pretty fabrics (canvas, silk, nylon, and leather) inspired by her travels.

The perfect alternative to ballet flats, they come in a variety of styles, ranging from preppy (boat-like gems with leather ties) to edgy (black geometric print with black bottoms).

Just don’t be surprised when each one you pass goes “ah.”

Available online at
mymuworld.com and net-a-porter.com, $130-$170.

Photo: Courtesy of Mymu