And the Nominees Are

Ready your acceptance speech for these Oscar-nominated film-themed items — but make it brief.

the art of eating in!Just Eat It
Those who loved Food, Inc. will delight in Brooklyn blogger Cathy Erway’s new book The Art of Eating In ($24) — a yearlong account of getting familiar with her stove.
these machines kill fascists pencils!Graphite Novel
Rewrite the past, as Inglourious Basterds tries to, with new local design trio You and Me, the Royal We’s spunky pencils ($22 for a set of ten).
ongwat sugar gear necklace!Gear Head
This industrial-looking necklace ($420) from NYC label Ongwat is slick, sexy, and a little bit creepy — just like the sci-fi thriller District 9.

tea cozy!Cozy, Innit?
Make like Carey Mulligan in An Education and enjoy a spot of tea brewed in this British-made Brown Betty pot ($35; cozies for sale next week) — now available at Manhattanite Megan Wilson’s e-shop.
whiskey eau de toilette!Just a Splash
Whiskey-scented eau de toilette ($25) from Williamsburg-based e-shop Hickorees will help you smell like Jeff Bridges’s character in Crazy Heart — minus the hangover.

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