Winner Takes All

Cordially invite a crew for a night of intense competition, drinking, and nerdy prizes.

banter banner!Decoration
The first sign it’s not a regular night: You’re not in your pj’s. The second: a jaunty Banter Banner ($10), the brainchild of former Christopher Deane designer Angela Deane.

a.b. smeby bittering co.!Intoxication
Bitter guests? Bad. Bitter drinks? Much better. A.B. Smeby Bittering Co. suggests drizzling seasonal bitters ($10-$12; to order, call 646-554-6318) in cocktails and over ice cream.
bingo cards!Recreation
Don’t let the games begin without ideas from NYC caterer and party planner Mary Giuliani, who suggests playing bingo with vintage cards. For more of her tips and a recipe go to our gallery.

nerd merit badges!Celebration
Reward guests with prizes that salute their talents. Nerd Merit Badges ($6) are awarded for skills like getting crunk, having a clean in-box, and spelling homonyms correctly.
milkmade ice cream!Lactation
For a sweet reminder to put hanging-at-home on the calendar, try East Village’s MilkMade ice cream membership ($50). One pint — like peanut butter brown sugar — arrives every month.

For rubber doily coasters, chocolate-covered Cheerios, and more game night ideas, go to ShopTalk and wash it down with a weekend’s worth of cocktail party ideas.