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joanna czech sava spa!

Gladly did you sacrifice an hour of sleep in the name of sunlight.

But you’re not willing to throw your complexion on the seasonal pyre.

Let Joanna Czech appease the sebum gods at the recently opened downtown offshoot of her famed Washington Heights Sava Spa.

Today, Czech launches a facial with eco skin care line Nude (one of our editors’ faves), which she uses on her own irritatingly youthful face. Her vibration massage technique increases circulation and, in unscientific terms, rubs the good stuff into every pore.

If you have a postfacial date, she’ll masterfully tweeze your errant brows and, using only two products, erase any signs of extractions.

Sending you off looking as though you’re all caught up on your beauty sleep.

Joanna Czech, 65 Central Park West, between West 66th and West 67th Streets (646-318-9052 or savaspa.com).

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65 Central Park West
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