The Mane Event

de souza hair jewelry!

Lady Gaga can pull off a giant bow made from human hair. You, however, may want to start a little smaller.

Try a pair of delicate hoops or a knotted brooch from artist Larissa de Souza. She modernizes Victorian mourning jewelry with silver-accented braided, twisted, and crocheted accessories fashioned out of hair.

It sounds creepy, but we were so taken by the salt-and-pepper chain necklace looped around her neck that we scarcely gave a thought to its medium. And we were blown away by the craftsmanship of the crocheted links and multicolor plaited bracelets (we can barely tame our cowlicks).

De Souza sources her materials from weave shops in downtown Brooklyn and washes every strand by hand. She makes each piece in her Bed-Stuy studio and can create custom items using locks you provide. You’ll never look at your best friend’s ponytail the same way.

Available online at desouzajewelry.com, $40-$2,000.

Photo: Heather Conley