A Call to Order

edit personal organization!

We spend hours condensing our thoughts into 140 characters. When it comes to the things we own, we can’t seem to streamline.

Margaret Williams of Edit can help. The professional organizer will assess your mess in a free house call and work within your budget to provide a plan for taming the most chaotic scenes.

Williams emptied our avalanche-prone closets and helped us decide what to keep, toss, donate, or have tailored. The collaborative process made us feel safe in parting with items past expiration — good-bye prom dress. She suggested hanging (try Real Simple Slimline hangers) shirts instead of folding them. “You’ll save space and not forget about great pieces you may otherwise overlook.”

Once everything is neatly sorted, Williams hauls your castoffs to a nearby donation center (you’ll get the tax receipt), so even if you want to reassimilate, you can’t. Plus, because you’re paying for her time, you’re forced to finish rather than allow yourself to give up and start tweeting about how much cleaning your closet sucks.

Edit (512-656-7427 or editspaces.com), $75 per hour. Check out our before and after pics of her handiwork here.

Photo: Courtesy of Edit