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West Village Dining Den Goes in for the Kill

The Lion Restaurant Opens

the lion west village restaurant!

After the Minetta Tavern reservation debacle and repeated waylay at Waverly Inn, you swore you’d never again fall for celebstaurant hoopla.

But The Lion’s opening today (after more private parties than we can shake a fork at). And this time, you’re prepared.

Meg Sharpe, who decked out the tavern, dining room, and “secret” upstairs library took Mark Amadei (Delicatessen) around to antiques shops and art collectors to create a “faded beauty” vibe and hung framed works in the style of Salon de Paris.

Show up late and request table 52. Impress date by pointing out Basquiat’s “Rome Pays Off” (directly in front of you), and David LaChapelle’s larger-than-life Andy Warhol portrait. ID-check Al Capone (puffing a cigar) and lion drawing by artist Marilu Nordenflycht.

Make eye contact with chef John DeLucie (Waverly Inn), who traded that clubhouse kitchen for this one. Here, everyone’ll be talking about lobster bisque, pot pie, and the “special blend” burger. Note: the wild-mushroom-and-salsify side dish should not be overlooked.

Finish with the cheesecake in a jar, admire intimate surroundings, and remember that behind every successful lion, there’s a lioness.

The Lion, 62 West Ninth Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues (212-353-8400). Designed by Meg Sharpe in collaboration with Dan Mazzarini and Brian Humphrey.

Photo: Janelle Jones

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62 W 9th St
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