Father Appreciation Day

What to get Daddy-o? Some novel ideas for the most enigmatic man in your life.

log laptop pillow!He Owns a Computer
If he’s clack-clacking on his laptop all the livelong day, give him this organic log pillow ($65). The cushions can be rearranged for comfort and to promote circulation.

j.mclaughin needlepoint belt!He Wears Pants
Let’s adorn them with J. McLaughlin’s needlepoint dragon belt ($165). It takes fourteen hours to embroider each style by hand, but you can pick one up in a flash at the new Brooklyn Heights store.

m quan hot rod bowls!He Eats Stuff
Before slapping pasta in that bowl, point out the killer hot rods on these designs ($75), handmade in Williamsburg by Me&Ro jewelry co-founder Michele Quan.

social primer playing cards!
He Plays Games
Even if he doesn’t ante up, a set of monogrammed cards ($45) demonstrates you know his initials. Manly etiquette and style blogger K. Cooper Ray, the brains behind these, has a handle on what men want.

rubix cube fontaine!He Seems Stressed
Plummeting stocks and bad golf games got the old man down? Hand him a Rubix cube by Claire Fontaine ($45). Each surface bears a view of the ocean, but — life lesson alert! — there’s no real answer.

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