Gifts up Front, Party in the Back

Preemptively apologize for ganking the last beer and using all of the TP with a swell hostess gift.

rife paper co. recipe box!Dips on Speed Dial
Help her organize her repertoire of apps with a recipe box ($132). Each one is made from salvaged wood and contains cute spoon-festooned cards.

perch ceramics rosette vase!Tulips Everlasting
Show up with flowers already arranged in a Perch Ceramics rosette vase ($44). When the blooms wilt, she’ll be left with a pretty utensil jar.

wayne pate tote!Carry On
Take a ho-hum bottle of three buck red to the next level by presenting it in local illustrator Wayne Pate’s seagull tote ($55). Later, your hostess can use it to schlep goodies from the greenmarket.

olive soap chains!
Cleanup Duty
Strands of olive soap beads from Syria ($22; to order, call 718-963-2600) are a cool spin on soap on a rope. They come in chamomile or lavender scents, and can be used on clothing, too.

anarchy in a jar!Relish the Slow Jams
The perfect morning-after scenario is a stiff cuppa and some toast loaded with Laena McCarthy’s artisanal jam ($5-$9) in a flavor like ginger pear, strawberry balsamic, or morello cherry.

For Star Wars plates, linen table runners, and honey from the Hamptons, go to ShopTalk. Then try throwing your own summer party.

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Up to 50% off Beirn
Need help overcoming your serpent phobia? Snatch one of Beirn’s sleek and colorful envelope clutches or handy hobos — made from Indonesian water snake skin — while they’re up to 50% off on Swirl.