Nike MP3 Player

Sure, Nike has great shoes. But that only does so much for motivation onthose days when the thought of a run is about as appealing as the thought of a trip to the dentist.

Seems the folks at Nike got the hint, and realized that unless they gave us something more than a rinky CD player, we might stop spending a hundred dollars on a pair of sneakers.

Enter the Nike PSA Play 120, an MP3 player packaged in a spacey-looking pod. It holds 120 minutes of music, has the option to expand the memory via a chip, and comes with a remote tricked out with Braille-like sightless control buttons (in case you need to peek, there is a dot-matrix LCD). To put it simply, it’s just darnneat.

So hit the ground running, strap it to your arm, and go.

Heck, wear it to the dentist. Drown out all that drilling.