The Antiwrinkle Treatment You Won’t Believe

Yamuna’s Save Your Face

anti-wrinkle treatment yamuna zake's save your face massage!

In our infinite attempts at countenance perfection, we somehow overlooked the smush-a-ball-across-your-face method.

So when we learned that Body Logic pioneer Yamuna Zake had developed such a treatment — purportedly counteracting the effects of clenching, furrowing, and squinting (a.k.a. living) — we had to test it out.

Inside a church-turned-West Village studio, practitioner Megwyn White used a soft, baseball-size sphere to apply gentle pressure to our brows, cheekbones, and dark-circled eye sockets. Almost like a Thai massage for your face, the process gets deep into the tissues, stretching muscles and even moving bones.

Though we didn’t come out looking as fresh-faced as our fake ID, we felt strangely fantastic. Repeat visits can help reverse the droop-inducing effect of gravity (as well as improve circulation, and provide sinus and headache relief).

Stave off wrinkles at home with a to-go pair of globes and how-to video. For those not willing to shell out for a one-on-one, sign up for a group session, in which a pro ball buster will help you get rolling.

Available at Yamuna, 132 Perry Street, between Greenwich and Washington Streets (212-633-2143 or yamunabodyrolling.com). Private treatment, $150; group session including kit, $75; at-home kit with balls and DVD, $65. Print out this e-mail for $10 off any face-rolling treatment or class.

Photo: Courtesy of Yamuna Zake

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