I'll Melt with You

Induce brain freeze with new local frosty snacks and ice cream accessories.

alessi big love bowl and spoon!Spoon It Up
Treat the cream of creams like the goddess it is and devour it from a chalice-like Alessi bowl with heart-shaped spoon ($56). Match one of the four colors to your fave flavor.
melt bakery ice cream sandwiches!Ice Crispies
Melt Bakery’s treats ($3-$4 at Hester Street Fair) are crazy delicious. Salted peanut cookies with Guinness ice cream and Pastis crackle cookies with strawberry ice cream = irresistible.
melting hearts studs!Happy Melting
Droplets of your double-scoop sprinkle cone on the sidewalk are a tragedy. But these melting heart earrings ($84), made by Brooklyn’s Yayoi Forest, are dribbles of love.
chozen ice cream!

Chutzpah in a Pint
One of our editors says Chozen ice cream’s rugelach and coconut macaroon ($5 at Union Market; to order, call 718-230-5152) flavors taste better than her grandma’s. We promise not to tell.
dan monick t-shirt!Dairy Queen
Lactose averse? This nostalgic Dan Monick photo print T-shirt ($42) has all the summer of soft-serve with none of the sugar.

For treat-scented moist towelettes, fleur de sel caramel sauce, and ice cream earrings, go to ShopTalk.