It's Tiki Time

Strap on your coconut bra and pour some rum. Tiki mania is sweeping the city.

party picks!Picks of Destiny
Spear pineapple chunks with these Pearl River party picks (twelve for $3) and dunk them in a 400-proof cocktail. Even humble cheese chunks catch the spirit when stabbed with a hula girl.
tiki salt and pepper shakers!Making Faces
A woman can’t live on scorpion bowls alone. Use Polynesian-themed handmade salt and pepper shakers ($10) to season whatever you’re throwing on the grill.
mermaid bottle opener!Top Off
Eventually you’ll tire of mixing elaborate, seven-foot mai tais and just want a cold brewski. Reach for this mermaid bottle opener ($15) to get the job done in style.
otto’s shrunken head mugs!
Perfect Vessel
Chugalug from one of these ceramic cups ($7) from Otto’s Shrunken Head. Vintage shops are a great source, too, but if you don’t feel like digging, click over to the extensive selection at Tiki Farm.
pinwheel straws!Pop a Wheelie
Pinwheel straws (twelve for $3.50) fulfill the Tiki mandate that no drink shall be served unadorned. Also, they are very entertaining after three rum punches.

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