A Dino-mite New Jewelry Collection

Candace Ang Vs. Margarita Saplala Necklaces

candace ang vs. margarita saplala necklaces!

Summer is starting to be a bummer: Your epic road trip plans conflict with your, um, job, and you’ve already sampled every new Brooklyn-made pickle, popsicle, and soda. What now?

Cheer up with Candace Ang Vs. Margarita Saplala, a quirky, dinosaur-centric jewelry collection by Ang that’s sure to scatter any incipient gloom. Ang has been collecting the prehistoric creatures for years and thought they’d add just the right unexpected, witty touch to Saplala’s fur and reptile skin-based prints for fall.

Scowling is physically impossible while wearing the Wilma Flintstone-esque Specimen One collar, made from white coral beads, metal spikes, and a green stegosaurus, who — meta alert — is wearing his own tiny necklace. The ceramic arrowheads, pebble-like pyrite, and metal spikes tap into the current ooga booga tribal trend and are exactly what our I-can’t-deal-with-summer uniform has been missing.

T-Rex and co. are limited edition and available starting today. So grab one before they’re gone for good.

Available online at candaceang.com, $75-$210.

Photo: Courtesy of Candace Ang Vs. Margarita Saplala