The Writing’s on the Wall (or Pillow)

old village hall!

Your trash-picking, flea market-scavenging ways have turned your apartment into the Museum of Stalled Projects and Kitschy Regrets.

Ask Scott Hill, co-owner of the Americana-infused Old Village Hall decor shop, to jump-start one of your waylaid fixer-uppers and craft a one-of-a-kind home furnishing.

The former director of visual merchandising for Ralph Lauren creates silk-screened fabrics using old photographs, documents, and drawings, then transforms them into tote bags, throw pillows, upholstery, wall hangings, and more.

Hand over a beloved object — manuscript pages, family photo, newspaper clipping — or ask Hill to do some digging for you (“Can you find a …”). Discuss color and fabric preferences (Belgian linen, canvas, toile), and return for your commissioned work (starting at $250) in just two to three weeks.

For those not wanting to work from scratch, ready-made prints include personal letters penned by by French Reign of Terror twins Marie Antoinette and Maximilien Robespierre, portraits of Walt Whitman and Edgar Allen Poe, and excerpts from the Declaration of Independence. We promise they’ll never get old.

Available at Old Village Hall, 170 East 2nd Street, between Avenues A and B (212-677-7307 or theoldvillagehall.com).

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170 E 2nd St
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