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Stark Waxing Studio Opens

stark waxing studio sally hershberger face place!

We could wax poetic about the godliness of cleanliness at spas, or we could just point you toward Stark.

The Los Angeles-based waxing studio opens two rooms at Face Place on Tuesday, and appointments are sure to fill fast (so make yours now).

The concept is straightforward, the process is swift, and the products are superior. To minimize pain, Stark uses a French blue wax with jojoba oil, which is pulled off with a quick flip of the wrist. A cream wax (and fabric strips) is used for less sensitive areas like back and arms. A tweezer picks up stubborn strays before lavender-peppermint oil is applied to tender areas.

Aestheticians are pro exfoliation, anti double-dipping, and so meticulous about hygiene they wear gloves in intimate situations. But now we’re just waxing on.

Stark Waxing Studio, at Sally Hershberger Face Place, 425 West 14th Street, between Ninth and Tenth Avenues, third floor (212-367-8200 or starkwaxingstudio.com). Services, $15-$80.

Photo: Courtesy of Stark Waxing Studio

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