Travel-Inspired Jewelry by Venessa Arizaga

Wearable Lucky Charms

venessa arizaga jewelry!

Let’s have a moment of silence for Summer Fridays, shall we?

Don’t let recent memories of rooftop parties and far-flung vacations fade entirely; hold onto the spirit of that carefree, sunlit day with Venessa Arizaga’s new jewelry collection.

The wanderlust-filled designer, who’s worked at Tuleh, Carolina Herrera, and Zac Posen, finds quirky charms and tchotchkes on her travels (from Peru to Mexico) and weaves them with colorful threads and chains to create one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets.

It’s impossible to feel unlucky with grinning skulls, shooting stars, and hand-painted icons dripping from your wrist, like the contents of the world’s coolest pinata exploded onto a bracelet.

Clasp a rainbow rhinestone necklace around your neck to be transported to a blissed-out, sweaty Bollywood disco dance floor. If that doesn’t ease the back-to-work blues, we don’t know what will.

Available online at venessaarizaga.com, $55-$395.

Photo: Courtesy of Venessa Arizaga Jewelry

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