Sweetie. We don’t know how else to tell you.

You have a poppy seed stuck between your front teeth.

Okay, it could be worse. It could be a leaf of spinach. It could be beef jerky.

What to do? Indulge in our favorite new discovery: FuzzyBrush. Reportedly all the rage in England (oh, those Brits and hygiene!), the mini toothbrush-like apparatuses are roughly the size of a gumball and are designed to pop in your mouth and “chomp, chomp,” as one Brit put it. Presto — a blemish-free smile.

FuzzyBrush requires no toothpaste or water. It’s more thorough than flossing, it cleans your teeth, and it even tastes good.

Be forewarned, FuzzyBrush is no gumball. You must spit it out. If you do accidentally swallow, don’t panic: The creators attest that ingestion is not fatal — FuzzyBrush will naturally flush out of your system.

And you thought they only made chew toys for pets.

Available online at fuzzybrush.com.