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Ten Underwear Launches

ten underwear launches!

Your undies may no longer be emblazoned with the days of the week, but with one glance you can tell a Sunday pair from a Friday.

What if a regular old Wednesday turns out to be Hump Day? Look to Ten, a new line of subtly sexy everyday knickers that’ll become your top drawer’s LBD equivalent.

The boyish yet impossibly alluring ingenues of ’70s-era French cinema (Jane Birkin, Anna Karina) inspired designer Daphne Javitch’s Goldilocks-like search for a low-slung brief that wasn’t too tarty or frilly. When nothing fit the bill, the costume designer created Italian cotton bottoms in colors like the fiery orange seen here and tennis ball yellow (coming soon).

With a wink to Godard, each semisheer pair is packaged in a hand-stamped airmail envelope that uses the Pierrot le Fou typeface. It’s perfect for gift giving or discrete carrying — in case Thursday turns out better than expected.

Available at Opening Ceremony, 35 Howard Street, between Crosby Street and Broadway (212-219-2688 or openingceremony.us), $40.

Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

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