Catchafire.org Launches

This Volunteer Website Works It Real Good

catchafire.org launches!

You’re an ace in your field. A walking success story. A tour de force. (And modest to boot.)

So, this holiday season, why not use your superpowers for good? Our recommendation: Catchafire.org, a new site that matches New York professionals with carefully screened nonprofits in need of targeted help.

To get started, fill out a profile describing your likes, favorite causes, and strengths. Within a day to two weeks, the jobs — all tailored to your skills and preferences — start rolling in.

PR flacks can help organize a media day. Graphic designers and editors design and write a newsletter. Finance wizards tackle the budget. Not only will you save your chosen organization money, but you’ll pad your resumé, make new contacts, and attain an I-did-something-good euphoria.

If you need even more incentive, the team just announced plans to raise $1 million worth of volunteer hours by January 31. It’s ambitious, yes.

But you’re not the type to shy away from lofty goals.

To sign up or get more information, go to catchafire.org.

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