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Dress Up Your Leftovers with Relish

Reinvent Thanksgiving Leftovers with Four Locally Made Condiments

butter queen of brooklyn!

Today’s first thought might be “I’ll never eat again.” But a little after noon, we suspect those slabs of cold meat and containers of veggies will be calling your name. Reinvent yesterday’s leftovers using one of these four local condiments.

Butter Queen of Brooklyn
Become a born again mashed potato devotee after patting them down with this new butter. Each of the four hand-churned flavors is named after a first lady and bears her illustrated likeness on the label. Take spuds in a dessert-like direction by topping with smears of Eleanor Roosevelt (pecan praline) or Ladybird Johnson (hibiscus flowers, lime, Maldon flake salt).

Sour Puss Pickles
Now what to do with ye olde bird? Use this locally sourced pickle relish to spice up a turkey Reuben. Stack meat and cheese between bread, slather on the tangy cucumber and red bell pepper concoction, and grill in a pan for an ooey, gooey, delicious sandwich.

Sir Kensington’s Ketchup
Dubbed “scooping ketchup” for its high viscosity, the new sauce’s flavor is as refined as its icon’s costume (top hat, monocle). We especially love the spiced version’s nuanced chipotle pepper, cilantro, lime, and coriander blend. Use it to bring dry stuffing back to life by dabbing it on and adding scrambled eggs.

Ghost Pepper
Sweet potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, and all kinds of meat can be reincarnated with just a tiny drizzle of oil infused with the Bhut jolokia pepper, the hottest on the planet. Nicknamed “ghost pepper” because of its gradual but intense heat, the spicy fruit could obliterate your taste buds until next Thanksgiving. Get the infused oil recipe here.

Photo: Courtesy of Butter Queen of Brooklyn