And to All a Good Night

200 cigarettes!

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve,
New York City’s played host to many a cinematic scene.

Before you dig into that fourth piece of pie,
Rent/download/seek out these classics that keep the Big Apple in mind.

200 Cigarettes
(So many smoking and scoring, so many not — what a pity.)

Eyes Wide Shut
(’Twas the night before Christmas, on a sexual odyssey, er, walk through the city … )

The Royal Tenenbaums
(Margot’s theme song, shadowing her depressive, gray days, “Christmas Time Is Here” continually plays.)

Falling in Love
(An unsuspecting couple so dear, Streep and De Niro at Rizzoli Bookstore appear.)

Bell, Book and Candle
(Onward to Greenwich, the village in which spells and trickery are cast by a beautiful witch.)

The Apartment
(A man gives his woman a heartfelt spiel, to which she politely replies, “Shut up and deal.”)

Hannah and Her Sisters
(While three sisters are more than a pair, a bespectacled hypochondriac rekindles his love affair.)

Ghostbusters 2
(Bobby Brown shows up, though not high, and the Statue of Liberty gives walking a try.)

Miracle on 34th Street
(Meanwhile, a courtroom erupts with glee, as someone named Kris is apparently set free.)

American Psycho
(Nearing the end of our traipse, we remember we have to return some videotapes.)

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures