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Let Roxana Reider Cater Your Next Dinner Party

Check Out This Rent-a-Chef

dinner party!

Remember drunkenly inviting your boss and co-workers over for dinner at your holiday office party? They sure do.

Time to holla at Roxana Reider, an art gallery director-turned-personal chef (Mas) whose seasonal, organic meals will be the best thing to ever come out of your kitchen.

Cup-o-noodle wouldn’t exactly impress the HR manager, but Reider’s complex, continent-hopping dishes (influenced by the Mediterranean, South America, and India) will.

She’ll shop (at farmers markets), prep (she brings tools), cook, and clean before guests arrive. All you need to do is divulge details (head- and course-count, logistics, and food allergies or special diets) — and eat.

Conceal mismatched plates beneath cabernet-braised short ribs with gorgonzola polenta and herb gremolata, and roasted Brussels sprouts and pistachios with creme fraiche. Not enough spoons for the bread-crumb-hazelnut-crusted apple torte with fennel ice cream? Fingers work at home.

It’s $75 and up per person, but factor in the intangibles (less hostess anxiety, your reputation reinstated) and maybe leftovers, and it’s well worth it.

For more information, go to ollany.com.

Photo: smagdali / Flickr