Thomas Sires Collection and Boutique Launches

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thomas sires store nyc!

If life were the seventh grade, Thomas Sires would be the popular kid who never trips or gets pimples.

It’s not, but we’re still jealous of how designers — and Loeffler Randall alums — Fiona Thomas and Allison Sires managed to skip the awkward growing phase with the simultaneous debuts of their clothing line and store.

Pieces are versatile (the designers had on matching sweaters when we stopped in, but each looked totally different), expertly tailored (navel-grazing wool shorts with box-pleat pockets don’t create lumpy thighs), and effortlessly cool (hello, Sartorialist).

Spring-friendly standouts include cropped chambray and gray fleece tunics, striped French terry sweatshirts, and shibori-print cerulean and fuchsia silk blouses. Prices ($175-$695) reflect the line’s details, rich fabrics, and local production, but a comfortable jacquard mini or olive silk jumpsuit that make an impact is worth it.

The store itself is a marvel (just go), which can mean only one thing: DC + TS = BFF.

Thomas Sires, 243 Elizabeth Street, between Prince and Houston Streets (646-692-4472 or thomassires.com).

Photo: Darcy Strobel 

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243 Elizabeth St
bt Prince & Houston Sts
New York, NY 10012