End White Wall Madness with Custom Wall Coverings

Bespoke Wallpaper at Modern Anthology

wallpaper example!

Solid white walls drive you up them.

Stop the madness with Surface View’s bespoke wallpaper, available exclusively at Modern Anthology (the UK company’s only New York retailer).

Choose from more than 1,000 photos, engravings, and pieces of art at the on-site library. Taking wall dimensions and placement into account, the shop’s design team will make adjustments to the selected print(s) to avoid image decapitation or other awkward positioning.

The large scale lends itself to drama — so go bold. Pick from Audubon and other 19th-century naturalist studies, mechanical Haynes Manuals illustrations, old Marvel comics, and sexpot pinup girls — or ask for an original piece to be supersized.

Everything is printed in the UK, takes about two weeks to arrive, and costs around $10 per square foot — which is cheaper than ordering online. Insane, isn’t it?

Available at Modern Anthology, 68-117 Jay Street, between Front and Water Streets (718-522-3020 or modernanthology.com). To see styles, go to surfaceview.co.uk.

Photo: Courtesy of Modern Anthropology

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