Stand Behind the Counter at "My Korean Deli"

Ben Ryder Howe's New Memoir

my korean deli book by ben ryder howe!

If we had a dollar for every hour spent contemplating our plan to do something besides type on the Internet, we’d probably have enough to buy a convenience store.

Which is exactly what writer Ben Ryder Howe did (along with his wife, Gab, and her Korean immigrant parents). His first book, My Korean Deli, is the true story of what happens when one family pours its savings into a Brooklyn bodega.

While his wife and mother-in-law work at the Boerum Hill deli, Howe reports to the Upper East Side home of the legendary George Plimpton and The Paris Review, where he is an editor during Plimpton’s last months. By day, Howe sorts through submissions, looking for the next Philip Roth; by night, he deals with thieving employees, persnickety customers, city regulations, and the occasional family disagreement.

Owning a convenience store is a lot harder than reading the slush pile. And the proof, as they say, is in the pastrami.

Available online at amazon.com, $15.

Photo: Courtesy of Henry Holt and Company