NSEW Printing Press Launches

Brooklyn's Gutenberg

nsew printing press by artist jessica williams!

For creative tornadoes like Jessica Williams, a single direction is artistically limiting.

Which is why the artist (who was last seen at Baggu) expanded her imaginative scope to launch her own printing press, NSEW (North South East West, of course).

The Alaska-born, Texas-raised Brooklynite aims to curate and create delightful, accessible art, starting with her own collection of experimental zines (365 editions split into twelve monthly themes). February featured Objects & Patterns; March will explore Modern Love in New York, inspired by the popular top search term on The New York Times website.

Williams is also producing quirkier objects, such as make-your-own-collage magnets (you’ll first want to play with their abstract shapes online) and pom-pom-freckled totes. Look for a watercolored zine by Espen Friberg and Magnus Voll Mathiassen entitled Rural Science. Inside are black and white prints of houseplants that might tempt you to break out your colored pencils.

Maybe even a compass.

Available online at nsewpress.com, $2-$100.

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Williams