Overshared, Valentine’s Gifts Edition

27 ways to our editors’ hearts

Chocolate Pie Chart

I’m going to use this as a litmus test for relationships. If you go for the dark or milk chocolate, we’re cool and I will accept future roses. But if you reach for the white chocolate? GTFO. — Emily Warman, associate editor

Available at colossalshop.com, $20.

Chocolate Pie Chart Rue Petal Sofa Heartbeat Studs Steak Dinner Diamond Heart Stacking Ring Clare Vivier Tassel Ballet Classes Reese’s Stuffed Cookies Edie Parker Sharks Clutch Marc by Marc Jacobs Satin Sneakers Angostura Bitters Duncan Shotton Rainbow Pencils Un Whisky Tee Bow Pumps Nars Lip Pencil Tea Cups White Diamond Pharos Ring Mara Hoffmann for Pendleton Towel Farm-to-Table Flowers “Guide to Urban Moonshining” Elizabeth and James Nirvana White No. 4 Flower Print Jeni’s Bangkok Peanut Pint Revolution Liqueur Glasses Raquel Allegra Girlfriend Shirt Kate Spade Bangle Moon Juice
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