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A Gourmetified Ramen Recipe

A Gourmetified Ramen Recipe

Chuko Opens in Prospect Heights

Any reality TV junkie knows that the test of a good chef is what he can create using only ingredients from a convenience store. (Krispy Kreme bread pudding, anyone?)

With that in mind, we asked the chefs at Chuko, the new ramen restaurant opening tonight in Prospect Heights, to show us what they could do with the 99-cent version you ate in college. We also threw in a Pathmark-prepared rotisserie chicken for fun.

Once you watch (and make it for yourself in the five minutes immediately afterward), imagine what the Morimoto-trained chef/owners — Jamison Blankenship, James Sato, and David Koon — do with real ramen on their small but perfect menu.

Then dream about the gyoza with ponzu dipping sauce, fried green tomato buns with pickled onion and tofu dressing, and homemade ice cream sandwiches.

They win the challenge.

Chuko, 552 Vanderbilt Avenue, at Dean Street, Prospect Heights (718-576-6701 or barchuko.com).

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