Behind Closed Doors: Kaelen Haworth

Behind Closed Doors: Kaelen Haworth

The designer takes us on a tour of her ridiculous apartment

We know it’s not healthy to feel jealous of other people’s good fortune.

Line up your shrink for when you see clothing designer Kaelen Haworth’s ridiculous East Village apartment. For this edition of Behind Closed Doors (in which we take a peek in our favorite people’s home, closets, cabinets, etc.), the cool 27-year-old gave us a drool-inducing tour.

We’re green with envy over her in-house turntables and vintage record collection, her bohemian-inspired bedroom (the Love, Adorned dream catcher is a nice touch), and — most of all — her little lump-on-a-log French bulldog, Lola.

The mismatched chairs, bunting of antique photos, and overall eclectic taste can easily be emulated, regardless of your pad’s square footage.

Since we all know size doesn’t matter. (Right.)

For more information on Haworth’s collection, go to kaelennyc.com. For more Inside Story videos, check out designer Hilary Taymour’s DIY treasures, Mindy Kaling’s swoon-worthy closet, and nutritionist Kim Snyder’s fridge.