Inside Story: Rebecca Minkoff's Colorful Loft

Inside Story: Rebecca Minkoff's Colorful Loft

The designer takes us on a tour of her home

It’s just a matter of time before Apple and Google spy planes make maps so high-tech we can zoom in to see what our pets do when no one’s watching (fingers crossed).

For now, there’s Inside Story, our video series in which cool people invite us into their personal living spaces. In today’s installment, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff opens the door to her Manhattan loft.

Included in the tour: her ginormous closet, a massive collection of taupe booties, a close-up of her wedding invitation, and an introduction to her sweet baby, Luca (by far our favorite part).

Her hot-as-he-is-talented husband, Gavin Bellour, shot the video.

Now that’s what we call insider access.

For more information, go to rebeccaminkoff.com. For more Inside Story videos, check out dermatologist Sherry Shieh’s home beauty cabinet and designer Kaelen Haworth’s ridiculous apartment.