Inside Story: Lela Rose's New York Abode

Inside Story: Lela Rose's New York Abode

The designer shows us around her Tribeca home

For most of our New York-based staffers, a dishwasher is a source of pride.

For designer Lela Rose, it’s an elevator in the shape of a Monopoly house for her dog, Stitch.

The gracious Texan-turned-Tribeca resident shows us around her unlike-anything-we’ve-seen apartment for today’s Inside Story video.

Her home, which she’s lived in for three years with her two children and husband, has tables that come out of the floor and ceiling (to accommodate 66-person dinners she hosts for Edible Schoolyard NYC), a room lined entirely in gray felt, and a closet that, well, you have to see to believe.

Rose even has a cavernous space in her basement dedicated to tasting tequila (we hear Mario Batali’s gotten comfortable there a time or two). Alas, it was too dark for us to shoot.

Which is, perhaps, for the best. Because someone might’ve ended up in the dog elevator.

Channel Rose’s elegance at lelarose.com. To learn more about Edible Schoolyard NYC, go to esynyc.org. For more home porn, check out designer Kaelen Haworth’s downtown dream loft and designer Hillary Taymour’s DIY decor-flanked pad.