An Undercover Party

An Undercover Party

How to make a mask bar

The majority of the adult American population requires an excuse (read: Halloween) to indulge its gemstone-and-feather-costume fantasies (drag queens, Katy Perry, and Big Bird excluded).

But every day is a dress-up day for the 6-and-under set. Which is why we think a mask bar ensures success at a Halloween fete — or on an average Thursday afternoon.

We suggest prepping felt mask shapes — owl, octopus, bunny, superhero — ahead of time. Then gather jewels, glitter, pipe cleaners, fabric scraps, jingle bells, and any other accoutrement that goes well with glue. Unload the supplies on a table and let little revelers have their way.

We bet the results will be too cute to keep undercover.

Looking for more creative ideas? Harvest art is still in season.