Pretty Smart: Hot Roller Tutorial

Pretty Smart: Hot Roller Tutorial

Stylist Julie Dickson’s easy instructions

It’s not hard to make the mental leap from hot rollers to Golden Girl Sophia Petrillo running around in a purple bathrobe.

Heed her age-acquired wisdom: They’re better for your hair, simpler to use than a curling iron, and yield just-as-great-if-not-better results when used correctly.

For proof, watch our tutorial with Julie Dickson, founder and head stylist of Fox & Boy salon in New York City. Dickson’s easy steps require only two things: rollers (here are the ones we like best) and hair spray.

You’ll be so amazed by the volume (easily adjustable with a brush) you may want to call Dickson.

And thank her for being a friend.

Want more of Dickson’s tricks? Learn to cut your own bangs, give yourself a salon-quality blowout, or do a messy side bun. For more information on Fox & Boy, go to foxandboy.com.