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SD26 Restaurant Opens

SD26 Restaurant Opens

Follow Your Destinos

Broken hearts. Cheating bastards. Two out of three triplets in a coma (which one is which!?).

Man, do we love a good telenovela.

So naturally, we just had to try our hand at one for our video about new Italian resto/wine bar SD26, the contemporary incarnation of beloved San Domenico.

Father/daughter team Tony and Marisa May (the latter steals the show in our drama) are behind the gargantuan Madison Square Park space, finally open for lunch and dinner after months of buzz. Butternut squash gnocchi, pan-roasted guinea hen, salumi, and cheese all make special appearances.

Did we mention they’ll have more than 10,000 bottles of wine at your beck and call? Sounds like trouble.

And that’s exactly how these things always start.

SD26, 19 East 26th Street, at Madison Square Park (212-265-5959). If you can be the first to give us the gist of what the ladies are really talking about, we’ll give you a free lunch for two. Send your answer to ispeakitalian@dailycandy.com.