Brooklyn Brew Shop's DIY Kits

Brooklyn Brew Shop's DIY Kits

What's All the Brew Ha Ha?

Nothing kills the holiday spirit like catching up with friends biatches you knew in high school. (“So, what are you doing these days?”)

Just say you own a brewery — and no one needs to know it’s only a gallon big.

We’re talking about Brooklyn Brew Shop’s amazingly easy DIY beer kits. In today’s video, founders Stephen Valand and Erica Shea show you how it all works (seriously, it’s as simple as making oatmeal).

Choose from flavors like chocolate maple porter, gingerbread ale using Gramercy Tavern’s famous recipe, and a Belgian triple that’ll make you and your cronies crunk (it’s a whopping 9.9 percent alcohol).

Then challenge the mean girls to a game of beer pong.

Available at Brooklyn Flea’s Gifted holiday market, November 27-December 24, 20 East 4th Street, at Lafayette Street; online at brooklynbrewshop.com. (Added incentive to hit the flea: They’ll be giving out free cups of beer.)